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Max peak input current and battery cut off


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just had a Vt-inbox delivered and trying to set it up.  The first onscreen message was weak battery  I've now installed the latest firmware, so much for out of the box vaping 9_9
a) max input is OE set at 32amps.... really? Is there something I'm not expecting from my batteries
b) soft cut off was 2.8v?

on top of which....it looks like my 'in daily use' single cell 30Qs and 25Rs won't cut the mustard. @fully charged' 4.19v sagging to 3.4v :(

VTC4s looking slightly better sagging to 3.6 @ 15a before TC cuts in and holding 3.9 @ 9a

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2 days into DNA75 ownership... initially I reset the soft cut to 3.2 and the board decided to start flashing the battery bar at the half way mark. That was at 30w 9amp load. When I put the battery (vct4) into the charger the display read 18%, which was pretty damned close to the discharge curve. No issues with the curve, but disappointing that the meter seems to be either way off under load or at least optimistic off load. Will this mean another upcoming bug fix update? I've now reset the soft cut to 3 volts but my concerns are that the battery could be discharged to under 15% and still show 50% on the meter. peak amps... I think that the mod would have to be running dual 18650s or a lipo? to give any hope of any decent vape time. But there you go, it's only a maximum number not a necessity.

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thanks for the reply Mr Bad, I'll revert to OE soft cut on the next battery change.
The contacts are clean, its a new mod but I've taken to making sure everything is these days, mods, batteries, atomisers.
I'll see how things go with the VTC4s and consider setting aside a pair of the new VCT5s that I use in my Tesla series mods.

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