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Steam Engine On Mobile Devices


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I'm sure alot of you DNAer's out there know about this, but not having found any info in the forum about this thought I would just throw this out there & share. You can save Steam Engine to a home screen on your mobile device & it only takes a few seconds. I only have Android devices, so can't verify if it works on Apple or IOS devices. If someone can chime in to let everyone know if it works on those devices as well... The pictures I have attached will show you where to perform this task...

Open the browser on your device & head to  www.steam-engine.org.  At the top right of the screen, you will see the 3 vertical dots (more link)...tap on that...about 3/4 way down the list, you will see  'Add to Home Screen'...tap on that...

A widget (icon/link) will be added to the next available spot on your home screens. You can actually set it to go to the page of your choice on Steam Engine..for instance...the screen I use most often is the 'Wire Wizard', so, whichever page you are on when you create the widget is the page you will be taken to. You can still navigate to the other pages as well. Also, it will not utilize your devices browser & can actually be opened when not even having internet access...

Screenshot_20170125-092114a.png    Screenshot_20170125-091932a.png

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