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Padillaeric said:

But ther both dna i got the boxer v2s 75 n 250 chip .im new to the dna family n love thm ...im have a a weak battery with my 75 vapeing at 75w it gives me a weak battery msg?

What brand of cell are you using? "weak battery" means the voltage sag is so great during firing, you're reaching your "cell soft cutoff" value. this can indicate a poor choice of cell (battery) or a poor connection (dirty battery contacts, loose battery contacts, poor solder joint for battery wares)
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what's your "cell soft cutoff" set to in EScribe? i have mine set to 2.65v - 2.7v for the DNA 75 when using 18650/26650 cells. if you want, you can post a screenshot of device monitor firing the build that is giving you the "weak battery" message.

just know, 26650 cells aren't the greatest for vaping (EDIT : high wattage vaping). they have a higher internal resistance than the 18650. the only 26650 that is a true 30 amp cell is the Ijoy 26650, so far.

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