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Temp control acting funky all of the sudden.


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So I've been using the same build for months and have never had any issues. All of the sudden I can't get tc to work properly. It produces a fraction of the vapor i would previously getting. I haven't dropped the device or changed anything. I've tried multiple atomizers and they all seem to do the same thing. If I lock the ohms (which i've never had to do previously) it seems to almost work as expected but the temp is very inconsistent when compared to passed usage.

I've got a lavabox mini dna 75 and an o-atty and hurricane v1.3. All my connections are tight and seems to making ok connection to the 510.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What material (wire) are you using and what are the cold ohms of the atty's.  I assume you are using spaced coils. Are you using a default profile or one from steam engine. Sometimes this issue is caused by poor connections of the 510 (mainly ground), poor connection between atty and 510 (or dirty connections), poor connections within the atty itself (such as where the center pin of the deck contacts the atty center pin) etc.?

What does the Device Monitor screen show while firing the device?

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