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Cut off questions, Wismec DNA200 and Hotcig DX converted to dual 18650.

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Hi everyone, I realised something today that I probably should of asked a long time ago, but just did not notice until today. 

On my 18650 powered DNA200's, the cut off is set at the standard setting.

Am I correct in thinking the hard limit is 2.85V per cell? So setting below this would not provide any benefit towards battery life? 

I was thinking of setting the soft cut off at 2.85V per cell. My DNA75 is set at 2.75V, and I understand I am safe in doing so with the batteries I use (LG HE4's). 

I just wondered if it is worth changing from the default setting, which is for a Li-Po, to a lower cut off for use with 18650's for longer battery life? 

Thank you for your help, Conan. 

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dwcraig1 said:

LiFePO4 isn't an option to use unless that's the type of battery that you have, I'm afraid you will just have to make due nwith the Li-Po selection. I set mine to 2.9 on 200/250 with round cells.

My apologies, I may have worded my question wrong. I understand that I should have Li-Po selected, I was just wondering what cut off would be best to set on the mods. 

I will give 2.9, or 2.85V as I believe this is the lowest possible on the DNA200 a go, and see if I get a noticeable increase in battery life. 
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