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Therion 166 battery meter issue


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Dear all,

I have a therion 166 (bought it used) and I have the attached as default settings.

Mostly, Im using vtc6 and vtc5a on it. When the battery meter reaches around 10-15% I charge the batteries and my lucv6 shows 3,78 - 3,8 volts in each battery.

What settings should I upload on device in order to use both battery sets without having to change profile battery / settings twice per day.

My triade 250 (sold) didnt have this feature of setting Wh etc I just had to change cells and thats all! before charging, batteries drained at 3.2 to 3.3 volts which is normal.

Vt75 didnt have that feature too.. It is the first time I see this..

Any help? Thank you in advance!

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Thanks for the csv giz_60.. I found some others too, I read some things before posting.. My issue is that, apart from showing the battery empty (in 3.8 volts) I want to use different sets of batteries and not only vtc6.. Can I use some "universal" settings? Or something between vtc5a and vtc6 at least?

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By setting the Wh's a bit higher than what you have, it will improve the accuracy of the battery indicator...these settings only effect the battery indicator, not battery life...looks like that Wh setting is a factory setting...There is no 'universal' setting as all batteries are different...

Edit:  You will have to manually enter the Wh's...it doesn't load from the .csv...

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