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  1. Thanks! Maybe you re right.. Conclusion.. Is there a way to simulate this somehow? Is this something we can customise..or not?
  2. I really appreciate your time replying.. Got it , all of these.. The question remains.. is there any way i could customise somehow anything so to get a different result than I get now..? That's the point.. At least, the best optimised for the above setup minimum.. so to know that i get the 100% of the device..and then see if it's for me or not..
  3. That's a nice reply, so we both agree that surely there is also another way handling electricity! Didn't know exactly what you described but sounds reasonable.. it seems that this difference is noticeable to me, my feel of sensing flavour.. In any case, didn't you ever change mod with the same build / atomizer etc and tasted the same eliquid different from one device to another? Anyway, do i have options for setting the optimum with the above wire and with a "material" through escribe? Or any fix / way so to regulate electricity somehow different?
  4. I feel that stability of power that you describe and that's surely verified for dna.. no doubt about that! It just tastes different to me.. hope i would fix that somehow by settings.. material? Curve of electricity? Dont know exactly what this solution would be.. but there should be one.. as "fully customizable" right?
  5. None of those work.. no differences depending on boost, power, Watts etc.. I only feel a "different" taste and surely not more pleasant.. can't explain more in English as I would like to..(not my native)..
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply.. My favourite setup for instance is the coilology mtl staple ni80 4-.1*.3/40 , 5 wraps 2.5 core @ 0.58 ohms Read the same from both devices always at 23 watts Watts profile, default materials for dna, so also watts
  7. Hi, just bought a Hyperion 100c but i realised that, from dna 250c and beyond, I do not enjoy vaping in dna devices anymore.. No need to mention specific builds or juices, in a few words, any build in any atomizer when attached to an X device provides better taste result when the same is attached to a dna device.. the best example of better taste result is when using my double barrel v3 mod.. better than my odin 250c and better than my most recent purchase, Hyperion 100c.. Everyone in here or in person, always mentions about customisation of dna devices etc but.. I don't know.. apart from basics, can anyone really customise a dna device? Apart from preheat, punch and all the basics.. Is there anyone to tell me how i will customise my Hyperion to simulate and work like my double barrel v3? Or to make it work like a yihi when need to? Are there any readymade profiles for the above? If not, what settings should i experiment with, trying to change the taste i get.. the flavour.. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, any csv file for triples sony vtc6 murata batteries for triade 250c? As well as settings for amps pls! I found one but I've noticed high juice consumption, it gives me the feeling that 250c drains batteries quicker than 200 and 250 chips..could that be right? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, has anyone a csv file to upload and use with 2 sony vtc6 in parallel for my new lost vape drone? P.S. I have an older csv loaded to my therion 166 for sony vtc6 but i'm not sure if I can use the same. Thanks in advance!
  10. Update.. Using vtc5a with settings / curve for vtc6 (the above csv) worked fine! I charged when battery meter set to zero, right before flashing and my charger showed 3.15 and 3.17 volts.. That means it worked fine!
  11. Ok I'll do so and I will let you know! Thank you for your time!
  12. Ok, thanks! So If I want to use both vtc5a and vtc6 I just have to raise the Wh? should I leave the curve to default? Or you do recommend to upload the vtc6 amd adjust Wh to 19.96 either If I use vtc6 and vtc5a?
  13. Thanks for the csv giz_60.. I found some others too, I read some things before posting.. My issue is that, apart from showing the battery empty (in 3.8 volts) I want to use different sets of batteries and not only vtc6.. Can I use some "universal" settings? Or something between vtc5a and vtc6 at least?
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