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I fancy taking the parts from mt HOTCIG v1, and putting into a box such as a hammond, simple?

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Hi everyone. 

I had some trouble with me hoticgs, and after refunds they ended up costing me £27.50 each. 

I would ideally like to remove the the internals of the mod, and put them into another case as a project. 

I would like the mo to run on dual 18550's. I am just wondering how hard it would be to perform a straight swap as this, will much soldering be required or just on the 510? 

The hotcig is already converted to run with dual 185650 which I changes under esribe, but due to the low cost of these I would really like to do so, so any tips of guides would be fantastic to help me out in this venture. 

Thanks everyone,Conan.

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depends on the type of enclosure you're looking to use. obviously it needs to fit a dual 18650 sled. as for soldering, that's pretty straight forward. atty out (+) and atty gnd (-) / the battery main +/- and then the balance taps. you have to bridge cell 2 and 3 together when in 2S mode. (diagram below). you also need to determine if you're going to use the onboard buttons or choose to use external ones. there's few sites out there that have prebuilt/predrilled enclosures for the dna 200. just use your google-fu. i would leave the hotcig intact since you can buy the dual 18650 adapter for it. (edit...never mind, i can't find the dual 18650 sled anywhere. seems they discontinued it?) i would just buy a new board and the necessary parts to build a new mod. that's me tho.

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Actually, I'm in the same boat as you. I have a DX200 that I purchased and I just could NOT tolerate the 900mah lipo. I was able to easily extract the DNA board with all the wires in tact. See my pics here - https://imgur.com/a/tnwy3

I've actually been in contact with a couple of people who do 3d printing and I check out thingverse every now and then to see if any new designs pop up for an 18650 mod that can fit a DNA 200 chipset. 

I have an idea to just buy one of these https://vapenw.com/player-mod-dna133-dna200-by-starss if nobody can come up with a good size box. I'm seeing a lot of these HUGE box mods that just don't appeal to me. The form factor of that player box is exactly what I'm looking for. 

Let me know if you find anything worthwhile out there but really, extracting and reusing the board is one of the things that makes these boards so unique and great. 

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I see this has been bumped, in the end I kept the V2 hotcig with the Li-Po, and bought the dual 18650 sled/attachment for the V1. 

The one hotcig made is actually quite good, with the balance connection on the battery attachment side already bridged for 2S use. I just had to change the settings in Escribe and it has worked well since then. 

I have 4 DNA200's, and with the hotcigs they bought a LOT of frustration. But after refunds, and Hotcig sending me a free V2 for my troubles, each DNA200 cost me just £27.50. 

I think that was definitely worth my troubles, and I must thank Evolv for their great service in repairing both of the hotcig DNA200 boards. I believe the issues were due to hotcig and not Evolv as my other DNA200's have been perfect. 

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