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Vt133 check battery

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If you did a 'Restore Default' from Escribe, then the settings have been set for DNA 200 & 3 batteries (cells)...you can go to the 'Mod' tab & change it from 3 cell to 2 cell, then upload to device... or here is the factory file for the VT 133....

ecig Hcigar_VT_133.ecig     

Once downloaded, in Escribe, go to 'File>Open' & select the downloaded file...then upload to device...

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Mertozyurt said:

My friend, I installed it as you said, but unfortunately the error continues. @ChunkyButt200 @giz_60

Did you 'Upload Settings To Device' after you made the changes?

Edit: Can you post a screenshot of 'Device Monitor' as well...
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