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Help please. Something is not right.

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Hey guys. I have had this issue with every single DNA device i have owned.

Efusion, Efusion Duo, Therio 75w , Therion 133 and now the Boxer 167.

Basically, Every time i have about 2 vapes the % drops by 1 which i assume is normal and thats fine. However when i get to around 40-45% it suddenly drops to 20%. Example today i was vaping, looked at my battery and it was 46% had a few vapes and set it down while i played my xbox, after a while i picked it up and had a vape and then checked and it was down to 22%. 

This has done this since the day i got it. I even purchased some new 30qs and it didnt sort the issue.

In Escribe i set my battery up. Only had three to choose from 
Lithium Polymer
Power Supply

Lithium Polymer was automatic set so i left it. I clicked Watt hour calculator and have it as

Battery Cell Capacity: 3000
Cells: 2
Nominal Pack Voltage: 7.4 

This gives me 22.2wh

have i done this all correct? Im being told to change my soft cell cutoff which is set at 3.09v.

one thing i would like to point out is that with a pair of 30q or LG2 i can get a day and a half out of my Minikin v2 and 50w ... Currently cant even get a day out of my 30qs in my boxer at 50w.

If i vaped my batteries dead in the minikin when i put them on charge they would show as 3.1v however with my boxer when i put them on charge they are 3.4v. Is this something to do with it?

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as for the battery percentage changing after a while of sitting idle, that's the mod re-adjusting to reflect actual capacity. the watt hour calc is there for a rough estimate. you will definitely not get 22.2 wh's from two 3000 mah cells. more like 17-18 (i get about 14-15 on my VS DNA133). the best way to obtain an accurate batt meter is to run batt analyzer for you r cells. as for the boxer eating through batts, can you post a screenshot of device monitor while firing the device at about 100w's? i have been seeing some dodgy contacts coming from boxer and want to see if this is the case with your mod.

for the CSC when using 18650's i use 2.7 - 2.75v this is better. a little more run time and 18650's have no problem with that cutoff voltage. 3.0v is for lipos.

....deleted duplicate post.....

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you need to be in device monitor, not the battery section of the mod tab.          throw a build on you know can handle 100w for 1 -2 seconds. tick cells 1-2 boxes in escribe. hit the fire button a few times. take a screenshot of DM, post it here. i'm interested in battery sag.

you can lower you CSC to 2.75v lower the wh's to 18 and load the correct curve for your cells (which you can find here by a little searching around) if you don't want to run BA.

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