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Ok Extremely Confused by the response from Ginger Vaper

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Ok so i sent an email asking why i was getting an "Ohms to high" message when i got to 5-10% battery. only vaping 55w @ 0.47 ohms dual clapton.

He told me i should NEVER ( he capped that) use Samsung 30qs or LGs in any mod. If i wanted better performance or battery life i should buy either VTC5r or His Boxer batteries. Even though they have 400mah less than the LGs and the 30qs they will give alot better battery life due to amperage?

Im only pulling 4.89v and 10amps. 

Can someone tell me what he is on about? Why are 30qs and lgs never to be used in mods? 

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So you also have no clue about what he means? He stumped me. 

After inputting the correct CSV for my batteries and setting my Watt hours to 19 and my SCC to 2.75 i can get down to 5% before it says "Ohms too low" so im ok with that. I was just wanting to know exactly why it happened from the man himself. 

Im guessing if i drop my SCC to 2.7 instead of 2.75 il get the last 5% battery?

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I dont like hot vapes and i care more for battery life than i do for clouds. At the moment the only wire i have is 26/32 Clapton wire and some clapton SS316L.

I have some huge ass framed staple coils that i guess i could use in single coil mode but i dunno what a single coil is like in the aromamizer plus.

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DanRyder87 said:

Yes... Its reading Ohms too High when i get down to like 5% battery. It doesnt fire. lol

EDIT: Sorry i didnt see the mistake i made a few posts up. Its deffo Ohms too High

It happens...:D  that's just simply your device not being able to power the coil at that battery level...plain & simple...

Edit: Boils down to battery safety...
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