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Looking for original lipo replacement battery vaporshark DNA 200 or alternative reliable option

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Hi, colleagues, I appreciate if anyone can send me a link guiding me to where I can buy the lipo battery for my DNA 200 or even any alternative tested/reliable battery coz its out of stock in many websites for almost 3 months (attached photo for my existing battery with original clips), I just left the device for a month and later found the battery dead and not charging, tried the USB recovery charge but it didn't help, that's why it's better to replace. Note: vaporshark team offered me to send my device for diagnostic and change the battery to X30 but this option will cost me $120 for courier since I am based in Middle East + $75 for service and new battery (X30) with the new clips type Thank you in advance for your assistance. Rgds Khalid


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The 950 mAh nanotec form HobbyKing should fit (you will need to change the 2 large plugs), not quite as good battery as the Fullymax, but I have been using 2 of them for a year or more with no issues.

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