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Glad to be back!/Another Therion VTC6 Question


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Hey guys! I'm so glad to return to the DNA world after my Hcigar VT200 got stolen on a metro bus about 6 months ago. Finally got my hands on a black Therion 166 and loving it. Anyway, I grabbed a pair of the new VTC6s off orbtronic for this mod and am having some trouble with the battery settings. I got it set Lithium polymer, and 3000 mAh, 2 cell, 7.4 pack voltage in the watt-hour calc. But everytime I pop them in freshly charged it shows 91% on my Therion and seems to go down quickly from there. I've got do be doing something wrong...Right? From what I've read you're supposed to put nominal voltage for the pack voltage. But the listed nominal voltage does vary for these VTC6s from 3.6-3.7 depending on what source you read... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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And, all Wh calculators are going to give you the 22.2 Wh value on a pair of 3000 mah 18650 batteries, even though not all batteries are alike...it's a mathematical equation...but by analyzing the batteries over a period of time, you will get a more accurate Wh value for that set..for example, on the LG Hg 2's, the analyzer came up with 18.75 Wh's & on the Sammy 30Q's, 19.25 Wh's...all 3000 mah 18650's (2 cells)...so, you're not 'tricking' the board, just giving it a more realistic Wh value

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