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Accidentally reset ONI 167 DNA 250 PLZ HELP


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Ok so i accidentally restored to default my new ONI 167 DNA 250 using 2 18650's LG HG2

I received the original factory file from Asmodus, however they have currently set it up for 3 batteries which makes no sense as the ONI is dual battery, What i need your help with is the following:

1) The numbers to set the battery for 2 cells LG HG2: 
I know its 3000mAh, and nominal voltage is 3.6 ( i entered 7.2 for 2 x 18650's) , this gives me  21.6 watt hours- Is this correct? the initial setting was set at 9 so I'm worried mine is too high?

2) the soft cutt off : I'm not sure what to set the cut off point at for the LG HG2

Thank you in advance for your input:)

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Being the board has a hardware cutoff of 2.85 because it's designed for a LiPo. LiPo has mah rated between 3 volts ant 4.2 volts. A IMR round cell has it's mah rated between 2.5 volts and 4.2 volts. So with a 200/250 board the capacity between 2.5 and 2.85 volts isn't able to be used. What I do is subtract about 12% for what the calculator comes up with when using round cells. It's much easier on the cells to not use them to their lowest point.

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Here is a .csv file for 2 LG HG2's...it was generated by using the battery analyzer in Escribe....dwcraig is correct in the Wh figure, as I have found that the calculator almost always give a higher, perfect situation, Wh value then the battery analyzer, real situation, does.

csv LG_HG2 (2)_18650_3000 mah_18.75 Wh.csv

  Edit:  Could you post that factory .ecig file for the ONI167...am curious as to the other settings as well..Thanks!!

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