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Lost Vape Drone BF 166, Incorrect battery reading

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HI all,
i have bought a drone bf 166 and i have a problem with it.
It displays always the battery empty and when i monitor the device with escribe i see the cel 1 and cel 2 with different values, this values change in short time asynchronous, the cell 1 become 4.2V and cel 2 become 3.7V.
I measured more pairs of bateries with my tester and the batteries are ok both 4.2V.
I have two pair of batteries, one pair samsung 25r 2500mah 30A and one pair imren 3000mah 40A.
Some times, after i wait for hours the battery icon apperas filled and i can press fire button, some time the battery icon is empty and the fire button work, many times i see check battery.
Please let me know if you have some similar problem, and if there are solutions.
i tried to download ad upload the firmware of drone and therion from the site to my box but nothing change.
i have installed the service pack but nothing change. i did more and more tentative but nothing change.
Please help me i'm so frustated



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