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VtBox DNA 250 USB charge info

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Hi everyone my 1st post and thanks in advance for some help. I just got this vape ciege vtbox dna 250 ,received from China after waiting freaking forver..so Lipo is dead ,escribe show 3 dead cell at 0V ,charging 0. Ok battery to be replaced (fullymax 3s 25c 1500mAh) ,no wonder after 1 month shipping time on a box mod that can't be turned off :-). I'm currently awaiting for a lipo replacement. My queation is , I have removed the lipo and only with USB connected (variouis power sources) the DNA display has very low brightness ,basic function works but that's all. So I'm wondering if excluding the lipo , with USB only, the DNA should work normally (like battery bypass) or is needed lipo inside with a balanced and acceptable charge level in order to be able to test the fire button ? BTW even with the lipo in , I have same experience like with the USB cable only connected . Escribe functionalities are working fine ,board can be read as programmed. Options can be changed and upload to the box perfectly.Of course test fire button is not working due to low amps. Wondering if the DNA have a board fuse gone or other. Thanks in advance !

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