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Adding LED firing switch to DNA 250

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what color is your LED?  I'm gonna guess blue???? you need a 100 ohm resistor. red, yellow or green - 75 ohm. got a radio shack near by (?) or just go on ebay and type in "100 ohm 1/10 watt resistor" depending on your soldering skills, maybe get through hole resistors rather than SMD ones. check to see if the switch you're buying already has a resistor inside, you may not need to buy one separately.

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Easy until you try it and those tabs snap of if you breath in them.  Worst designed part of this board.  I would like to know if anyone has the schematic for a battery direct connection for the led since i now have no pads to solder to.  Also using white LED and a 4 pin button. 


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