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  1. Roger on both. I think I saw someone doing a "paraseries" build like that somewhere.
  2. So if they charge evenly it sounds like they're charging in parallel, right? Hmm, how would Device Monitor know they are separate and not just recognize them as one? I feel like I'm missing something And bridging for 2 cells but using 3 is just right out. Four shalt thou not count. Five is right out.
  3. Hi guys, I'm returning to modding since my last builds with dna25's and excited to try some things out. My design will have 2 2x700s powering a dna250 board, and I have seen some conflicting answers here and elsewhere about wiring so I thought I'd come out and ask. FYI I vape (don't laugh) 0.1 ohm Revvo coils at 45-50W but occasionally bring out a squonker or an RTA from time to time, never above 70W. Q1) Some people have said to wire in series, and I've seen T1—T4 bridged with B+, and it's getting lost in the way my head organizes things. Here's my plan, please tell me if I'm wrong:
  4. I see people bridging--doesn't this combine the cells so you're running 2, 3, or 4 in parallel? The cell monitoring won't work at that point, right? New to DNA250, excited to start building soon and I've been wondering this same question. If what jsforder said is true, why would they bother separating out pins and not just solder directly to B+ from the parallel'ed cells, right?
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