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  1. saschacolussi

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    HW patch? whats that?
  2. saschacolussi

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    Any news on that error? I'm still getting it, and dont have any idea on how to mess with the firmware like you guys adviced
  3. saschacolussi

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    Anyone has anything new on this tread? i'm having the same issues
  4. saschacolussi

    Battery Calibration

    Thanks a lot, will take a look at the guide later, and will be using SS316L for the test than.
  5. saschacolussi

    Battery Calibration

    Hi, i've seen a Bill Lee video about the battery calibration guide, but i have a doubt about the method. I'm thinking about doing it using SS316L wire on my rda, what you guys think about it? Is it Safe? Will the results be the same as using kanthal? thanks. PS: The video im talking about
  6. saschacolussi

    DNA250 to DNA75 conversion.

    Had this, my problem was that my ohms reading wasnt stable. Had to open everything up on my rda, let it sit on water for a day then clean it troughtfully. After that i wicked it SPACED COIL, and voila, working as a charm
  7. Hey guys, figured what the problem was, i was having really unstable ohm's readings. Disassembled my atomizer cleaned it thoroughly and now it works flawlessly, thanks a lot for the support.
  8. saschacolussi

    Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 C²

    Great man, thanks a lot. Just another question, whats the advantage of setting up the thermal settings? thanks
  9. saschacolussi

    Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 C²

    Theanks for the batteries, but about the thermal, didnt you said that your mod had a problem and had to return it? meaning, the case analyzer you ran should be wrong right?
  10. saschacolussi

    Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 C²

    Hi, been looking for the discharge profile for the vtc5a's did you got it for the triade? Also, saw that you ran the case analyzer but with issues, did you managed to get it right? Thanks a lot mate.
  11. yeah, fuly charged today when i tried it again. Will set my cell cutt off a little lower. Is 3.0 ok? whats the rule regarding this for 18650's? Brand, mah? In wattage its working fine.
  12. i've been reading a little bit, and my ohm on atomizer analyzer seem to be fluctuating a little bit 0,01
  13. i've set it to 250C witho no success. Tried 50w 60w and 70w also with no success. The preheattemp is also off
  14. Forget it, it's doing the same thing now, I've got a few puffs only. Ps: it's a Zeus's x clone
  15. Here are some of my build pictures. Just lowered the power to 50w and preheat to 60w with a punch of 7. It's working now, but why is that? I mean, shouldn't I be able to increase the power, or punch, to reach the desired temperature quicker? Thanks a lot mate.