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  1. Hello, First, let me say this is by far one of the best, if not the best themes to use on a 250C. I just a few questions, being the most important, how do I save the configs that I change in the menus ? For example, in Escribe I've got the mod to "sleep" (don't remember the actual name) after 1 minute. 5 clicks to unlock at the fire button. But when I change in the actual mod to 2m and change to 3 clicks, for example, it doesn't change. And how do I lock the screen ? If I click 5 times in the fire button, it doesn't lock. Thanks! Regards!
  2. abeirokid

    Windows 10 - Unknow Device

    Hi retird, that is what I tried lot's and lot's of times. In my desktop and laptop, and different USB's cables. Getting all the times, the same error in Windows. device descriptor request failed in Devices and can't install.
  3. abeirokid

    Windows 10 - Unknow Device

    Hello, I'm trying to connect my Paranormal 250c to my desktop, tried in my laptop as well. Tried with different USB and Escribe packs. Also, the mod has the LCD in full white mod so I cant see nothing. Please, what else can I try? Thanks!