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  1. Sorry im bad at english. So maybe the solution is, disassemble the device and check the positive connection/wire of batt 2 to the board, right? Is there any tutorial or video for dissamble the paranormal dna 250c? oh and, where excatly is batt 2 position? (the one that close to the board, with positive in the bottom, or the second one that have positive in the top ? )
  2. here you go sir At 1st Picture, its show the battery at 54%, 8V, 4.1V (Cell1), 3.9V (Cell2) After a few minutes, the battry drop to 24%, Cell 1 is stay same, but Voltage and Cell 2 got up and down, but its normal again (8V and 3.9V at Cell2) And the last picture, suddenly the battery goes to 80%, but the Voltage, and the cell remain same
  3. I've got my Paranormal DNA 250C from a vapeshop near my city. I Bought it at about 6 month ago. I got an issue with my Paranormal DNA 250C My Battery percentage in my device is detected at 4%, but when im check my battery at a charger and other mod, it shows 100%. I have change 4 battery and still, its show 4% on my device. The issue started at about 3-4 days ago, when my battery jump from 100% to 80%, 60% to 40%, 20% to 0%. I try a couple time pull and put it again the battery, it's always show a different percentage (sometimes it 70%, 60% or 40%), even though my battery is 100% (checked from my charger and other mod) Im using Sony VTC 5A Now i cannot vaping Is there any solution for my problem? Video from another user that have a same issue : Video Thanks
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