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    Cartel x-200, Finder 250C
  1. debatedude

    Boost punch

    Thanks a bunch! Now I'm getting the hang of this. Just about got it dialed in, too.
  2. debatedude

    Boost punch

    I don't do TC - watts only for me. So with that said... How does the boost punch work? Is it proportional to the amount of watts I'm using, or proportional to the number of watts the mod puts out? Is there a way to set the increments on boost? EG 25 watts per increment? Is boost punch time the same no matter what increment I set it at? I've used the search function (unsuccessfully). Punch and TC are the big thing. Us cloud-chasing watts vapers are left out LOL FYI - mod is the Think Vape FinDer 250C
  3. debatedude

    Materials files needed?

    I use steam engine quite a bit. I notice that the only CSV file is generates is for the DNA 200. Will that also work on the DNA 250C?
  4. debatedude

    Materials files needed?

    It’s been a while since I owned a DNA chipped mod. My first one was back in late 2016; the Cartel X-200 with the Evolv DNA 200 chip. Unfortunately, the mod died in 2017 (issues with Cartel’s build, not the chip). I’m now the proud owner of a Think Vape Finder 250C mod with the new 250C board. Now the question: I use nichrome 80 wire (various gauges) in wattage mode only (no TC). I remember having to load nichrome files into Escribe so that I could set the proper material in my Cartel mod. Do I need to do this with the 250C board in the Finder mod? And if I do, is just one file or a file for each gauge of wire I use? And…where can I find these files, if needed? In advance, thanks for any help, or for pointing me in the right direction.