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  1. Wanting to build something i can get a good life out of coils ramp up fast with a warm vape and get to use on replay mode would love to hear what's best to build and what people are using - dual dead rabbit rta
  2. Ive tryed that it still goes black and horrible after a day on 218c the liquid i use is juicey nerds peach and wildberrys i can get 16 days on a mesh coil so just dont get it
  3. This is the wire building on a dead rabbit rta and help will be appreciated as i never used temp control for more than a day as wire goes black and burnt
  4. Hi just got some alien Ss316l and need help what watts and temperature and the amount of wraps i need in order to stop burning though after a day
  5. Thanks man really help out i will have a play about tomorrow thanks again
  6. Thanks for that none of them are ss for temp control though are they i been using flat wire ni-80 and works fine for me its just this new mode has reply mode so need temp contol wire to get the best out of it ??
  7. Okay thank u very much for yr help i will build this tomorrow and last question were it say 40 watts is this on reply mode or in temp mode is so what degrees c shall i set it too and last question for that build how many wraps will i need to get 0.2 ohm at 3mm
  8. Thanks for that so as you no ive got dead rabbit rta running this wire twisted 2 strands together getting about 0.15 ohm on a dual coil what should i be using watt wise with this wire as i dont no how to work it out
  9. Yer i have used it in temp mode on 280c and still doing it thats why i wonted someone to tell me what wire and ga to use and a temp what is good so i can eliminate this problem
  10. I have tryed this with ss 316l 26 ga but all i get is black wire after a day with like a bit of black bits in my cotton i just dont no what im doing wrong
  11. Yes i wont to use reply mode but only use ni-80 wire what best to use is what im meaning
  12. Hi ive just got my dna 250c i am wonting to get the best i can out of my mod with the dead rabbit rta can anyone help in what i need to build and what wire is the best to use (raps ect) this will help me alot thanks in advance
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