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    i cant help myyself i always come to this theme...was my first theme i ever used on my first dna 250 c device which was my 1st paranormal now its goin on my new l v centaurus....... only mod it isnt on is my 400 dollar custom nasy 4s lipo which has the gucci lol love it thx man
    just got a new centaurus today to add to my dna collection and out of the handful centaurus themes i ran across, this is my jammy! can u make one for glock pistols n make the main screen say glock or have a pic of a glock 22? idk how or woulda a long time ago lol... nice theme tho and its the 1st on my new cen...
    im a dude but looks dope.. nice work mamm
    simple n dope, plus ima space, skull and herb junkie.... i can diggit!
    love it, clean simple and its the bucks!!!!! just wish it had brutus on the main screen or something, but I have oin my odin, paranormal and custom nasy lipo 250c more plzzzz
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