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  1. I just had that same problem with mine today.... Though I think it happened after I dropped it pretty hard... Still, I was wondering if you had found a fix or a solution or explanation for this?? I already ordered a new one but I thought it was still weird. Had mine for about a year or 2 and never had a problem with it til now. I've dropped it hundreds of times and some much much worse than this time and it was always fine. Weird it does this now.
    Great theme, looks awesome, works well. A few bugs though, such as the date seems to change in a weird way? Doesn’t seem to go day by day but instead jumps a few days here jumps back a few days etc etc even resets sometimes. Also, I’m not really understanding stealth mode.. 1 and 2 seem to be exactly the same, about a 10 sec delay before going to black screen. I figure they should be different somehow but are exactly the same.... otherwise I don’t think there’s any other problems! Maybe one other small bug somewhere that I can’t think of. But yeah great UI works great looks awesome highly recommend!! Just hope the creator is staying up to date and fixing these little bugs!
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