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  1. No, it's a lost vape pod. It came with the new Orion Q, which is the cheaper version of the Orion with a non-DNA chip. They sent two packs. They may not be widely available or readily available to public yet. But it is a Lost Vape product.
  2. Sorry, I do not I didn't order them, just received them in a package with what I assume is a promo for the Orion Q.
  3. If you managed to get some of the new Orion 1.0 ohm pods and want to use them before they put out an official update for the DNA Orion versus the new non-DNA Orion Q, then you do so by putting your eScribe into manufacturer mod, and setting the resistance range of one of the modes within the range of the pod. I have mine set in "DL" mode to .8 and 1.2 and then the wattages from 8-15 watts through the three modes. This lets me still have my MTL mode for .5 ohm pods. I have a feeling it may take a while for Evolv to get around to the update, so there is your cheater way to set it up for functionality. However, the device seems to want to fire only up to 12 watts for some reason according to the active monitoring. Thats sufficient for 1.0 ohm, but there definitely seems to be a ceiling and honestly it doesnt vape well enough to warrant me going into deeper settings or analytics to find out why. Also, a quick aside, the pod is designed differently for a 1 ohm with what seems to be extra plastic molding for more doming and restriction towards the top of the coil section of the pod in effort to make it more "Mouth to Lung" but it fails pretty badly. They tried to restrict it to feel more MTL like a juul, zero, suorin, etc pod system , but you have to run it either with just a pinhole or completely off to make it feel similar to any true MTL style system. It will also still cough you to death and hits very, very rough with air restricted to what I would consider MTL levels with nicotine salts. It vapes fine in direct to lung with possibly a little bit better flavor versus the .5 pod. Its not going to do well as a true MTL pod with their current airflow configurations. In the new Orion Q, it vapes pretty much the same but just slightly stronger. Probably a preset voltage or wattage setting on a sliding scale depending on the pod inserted.
  4. Good deal. I didnt want to screw on a .07 to be greeted with like a 40 watt output. Appreciate the info. The constant re-locked to 24 made me think they were going to basically screw the super-sub-ohm people out there in favor of safety for all. We take calculated risks of our own volition building that low in power mode, but I didn't buy a device to nanny for me all of a sudden. Just had to make sure.
  5. Why in the new eScribe is there an amp limit setting locked to 24? I thought the max on this device was 50. Every time I try to change it, it resets to 24. Is this just a bug or what? Essentially, I'm going to be pretty pissed off if what I bought has just been turned into a cuboid with minimally customizable screens and a lipo pack after I updated the firmware. I rolled it back just encase. I've also not updated any of my friends DNA's because we're in the same boat. Would appreciate an answer, Evolv.