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  1. Bought this a couple of years ago but only just managed to find a Lipo battery at a sensible price that fits ! The 6th DNA in my collection......
  2. Very nice job Buddy........ Ive only just ventured into the DNA club, boy oh boy I wish i`d done it years ago !
  3. AMDTrucking, That looks like the SXK Boxer mod.....Or is it the GingerVapes version ? If its the latter they should fix it for the price it costs ! If it is the SXK I`m afraid you are going to get that with the clones, However I did incur the same problem, nearly threw the damn thing......But I simply did the screw up tight and used "Loctite" Super glue around the nut to keep it secure and it fixed the issue for me.......
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