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  1. How are we going to be able to upload service pack if we can’t open escribe
  2. I’m having the same issue. Thankfully I only have the beta on my MacBook and not the iMac.
  3. Hay buddy check you Evolv inbox. I have been trying to message you.
  4. No it doesn’t give the perfect puff. Actually it is quite the shocking hit when I go from 100 to 150 and not expecting it. I am not with the mod at the moment but I will adjust temp. I am assuming you are talking about preheat temp. What confuses me is that one time it will jump over the set wattage the next time it will work as intended.
  5. Ok folks I just started using replay in replay mode. I am using SS core with Ni wraps. I set my wattage to 100w and find the perfect hit and save puff. On the next hit it jumps to 150+ Watts. So I cancel puff and take a few more hits till I same puff again. Then on the next hit it will hit around 60w then again around 50 and keeps going lower. It is an RDA so I understand that it is lowering to not burn the Cotten but I don’t understand why it would jump to over 100w after saving puff. Any advice?
  6. What is PK mode and what is it's function?
  7. Any chance a tutorial for the 250C is going to be made. The Replay options and the purpose would be very helpful.
  8. Ok I need a favor. I am friends with the YouTube Reviewer AmbitionzVaper. He recently came out with an RDA and it has a Celtic Knot on it. If you could create a theme that has the knot and name Aequitas it would be amazing. He is really great guy and has helped a lot of people out so I would like to be able to do something for him in return. Well I mean you but you know what I mean. I have included the knot.
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