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  1. thanks for the feedback. I'll post when I have reliable info.
  2. I unfortunately don't have anything firm to update on this other than it won't be happening the first half of this year now. Sorry I don't have better news, but as soon as I get anything I am sure about, I will update here.
  3. Just to update we are expecting the final prototype with all issues fixed on 5th November which is quite a bit behind schedule. With things starting to back up for material demand and things, it's unlikely we'll land the device this year, although we may have an early access start late in the year. The main launch will be dictated by what's financially best for the company, which is more likely to be early in the New Year. Sorry to anybody hoping we were going to get this out this year, and as soon as I have any info on pre-launch access I'll update.
  4. I'll let you know if anything changes, and if I get firmer dates.
  5. I am confident we'll hit the quality for the price point, it just involves a lot of messing about at this stage, it's 98% there, so this stage can get a bit annoying as things seem to move pretty slowly.
  6. Sorry for the delayed reply, been away for last week, Currently the DNA devices have some build issues, and we also have a finish problem, so, unfortunately, it's been longer than we wanted, mainly because we are working with a new production line on this (a new company that is) and they are getting used to our build needs. Realistically I think we will land it late this year (late Nov), and I know Finance will want to hold it back for full release until after Christmas if it's too late, otherwise, sales may suffer, but I've agreed if this happens we can do an early access program for interested users somehow. Apologies if that's too late for you.
  7. Thanks for the update, I have one with a similar issue that returned here, so I'll go over it according to your suggestions. In regards to the future DNA devices the final prototype of the 250c should arrive this week, if all is good we should be able to start production, so that will arrive first probably late August to mid Spetember, the 75c should follow behind this quite closely. Nothing will be confirmed until the next few weeks though, and I'll firm things up then.
  8. My guess is this is a bad solder joint somewhere, that the tinkering with has adjusted, or it's something on the connector or spring loaded barrel as you suggest, either way a small drop or something could return it to it's faulty state, keep me updated if any new info comes to light.
  9. okay, thanks for the support, and glad you like the device so much, if you need anything let me know. All the best.
  10. I dropped around CS this morning and explained the issue and they'll send you out a replacement, you can then compare the 2 units and make sure your happy going forward.
  11. No problem with your idea of ordering another one and comparing then returning the old one, if that's the route you decide to take the option is there.
  12. okay great, sounds like you are sorted, obviously the device carries a 6 month warranty, so if things change you know where to find me. I'd also like to say thanks to Wayne for all his input here.
  13. It will be interesting to see how the rounding is effecting things, if the therion is reading 0.234, and our one is reading 0.245 that's a 0.011 variation showing as 0.2 between the mods. The higher coil is above these sort of rounding issues though, so if you could build something in the 0.8-0.9 range we can see if this is consistently off and with the greater margin. The mods I have here are all within Waynes range and explained by decimal rounding. It seems odd it would increase with the higher coils, if it was consistently off by a fixed amount, you could just adjust your internal resistance and it would read fine, but a percentage adjustment isn't possible.
  14. Okay thanks Wayne, I built a 0.9ohm Kanthal coil, ohm meter is 0.89, coil master is 0.90, DNA 75 device is 0.91 and Device monitor is 0.901 cold and 0.912 live
  15. okay I've tested 5 units here and they all read the same, starting with a cold tank, I get the same reading on all devices, and it matches our new metre, I've also got the 521 coilmaster and it reads identical to the DNA 75, also got the coilmaster mini and it reads 0.01 difference higher. I am testing with a 1.0ohm nichrome coil, and it reads 1.07 on all but the mini that reads it as 1.08. So I'm not seeing anything unusual here, so the variation seems to be particular to your unit. If you find that you can't live with that variation, then I am happy to get it replaced for you.
  16. So I've checked various units here, and I am getting the same reading on all DNA 75 units, but my ohm meter is not reliable (I am getting fluctuation on that), to be honest I have not used it in a while as I just test stuff on the DNA, my builds are never very accurate anyway, as I am kack at building. I've ordered a new ohm meter so that I can run tests and be sure of accuracy. Let me know how you get on, and if you find a solution or if there is anything you want me to check at this end. I think the new replay feature sealed the decision for us on the 75c, The prototype will be finished next week, so assuming all goes well, I'd think we'll have it out by August, I can't really say any more than that at present. There will be a dual 18650 and a 21700/18650 version, the 21700 version is actually currently smaller than the current SERIES B DNA 75, but that many change slightly after we've finished the prototype.
  17. I actually can't take credit for the setup, we ran a test group on POTV forum and a couple of the users came back with tweaks and adjustments to the setup, so that's effectively the file I sent. The unit I saw that came back to us, the pin was fully sticking in, and this seemed to be causing the issue, it was more prominent at about a 0.2 variation, and it did change. I have tested units of ours against other devices, and there always seems to be a very slight variation between boards, I have not however tested it against another DNA 75 device, I have another 75 board setup in a very basic device and get pretty much identical readings on both with the same tank, so it may be a thing with the 75 board. I have a 75C board here as well, but that's not in a full function device at present, will be going into our next device in a few months, but I can't compare at present, but I will run a few tests with my device against and ohm reader and various builds to see if its similar to yours There will be more knowledgeable people here that can possibly shed some light on the matter, so hopefully somebody will chime in. I only just joined as your thread popped up in a search and I didn't want to leave you hanging, and thanks for the good comments about the device, is it the Sandstorm version you have? or the black?
  18. I have seen one other device reading high, and when we got it back, it looked like there was an issue with the connector, it was sticking slightly and the user had been using the Beserker tank on it, which is right at the limit of the spring in the 510, over time it started to cause the connector to stick a bit, sometimes it would jam in, and cause odd readings. I am sure people will have more insights here, but if you continue to have issues, and can't get it sorted, we can replace the device for you if it is a fault in the device. The case resistance is 0.003, and I have a file for setup which was produced by one of our testers if you want that setup to see if it helps. I've attached it. It was done for using a 25R Jacsetup.ecig
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