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Found 1 result

  1. Have been experiencing some oddities with reading resistance on a DNA75 (in a JAC Vapour Series B DNA75). Note that I'm thrilled with this device generally speaking, and have been quite pleased with the Evolv boards given my experience with other mods, but have encountered some issues with my TC which I'm trying to resolve. Being highly specific: for MTL purposes, I made a coil from Lightning Vapes SS316L Clapton wire (28/36); 6 wraps, 2.5mm. Steam Engine suggests this should be around 0.7ohm (give or take, leg length and all that), and indeed when built and installed in a Kayfun Prime, tested on my Coilmaster tab it reads at far so good. When I put this on my Therion 166 (I realize this is a DNA250-based board), it seems to correctly read it at 0.71 ohm and seems to work pretty flawlessly for TC with wattage set to 25W (which again is as I would expect given my experience with the wire---drops to around 13-15W once at temp) so seems like all is well. When I put the same tank on the Series-B, it reads it at 0.77ohm and the TC gets odd which is to be expected I guess since the chip thinks the cold resistance is 0.06ohm higher than it actually is---with the same 25W it never thinks it hits 220C so I'm basically just using the coil fired at 25W mode (and temperature is likely higher than 220 once it gets going I'd assume based on what's going on when it's on the Therion). I've done a lot of reading about this sort of thing now and realize I should ensure a few things are set up properly, and am in the process of doing just that. From the mod settings in EScribe, I can see that there isn't really any manufacturer set-up going on here as the case resistance is set to 0...all values appear to be stock default (the Therion came with case resistance set to 0.004). The atomizer analyzer isn't showing any drift in the resistance while it's sitting there (other than minuscule fluctuations as it quick-fires the SS coil), and I did a case analyzer run as the room temperature display was whacked anyway and I've allowed EScribe to set that up for me for what that's worth so will see if that helps at all. Am working on doing the "short" test to see what the case resistance actually is and will set it accordingly once I have the numbers---am waiting for a friend with some solder to come by so I can do the soldered-510-atomizer approach. My concern is that given that case resistances tend to be below 0.01, this isn't likely to be effecting the resistance reading sufficiently to account for the 0.06 difference I'm experiencing with this coil (although is likely having a more dramatic effect on the 0.15 Ni200 stock coils I use in their S22 tank so definitely worth doing regardless). I'm asking then what the next step should be should the above not correct this issue. My current plan is next to open the device up, ensuring connections/threads are clean and verifying that all the screws are making good contact with the board/510/etc. Just seeing if there is additional input as I continue to work on this issue as given my inexperience, this is proving to be very time consuming as it is Thanks ~DMcC