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    This is one of the best themes avaliable for DNA. But there is a bug in the Preheat section in2.8.7: I enabled temperature preheat via escribe. On the device It is visible as punch in watt mode. I am using the DNA75C version which has the latest firmware.
  1. Gregmaan

    SS430 from Zivipf

    Thank you, but this is the "default" SS430 (TCR 0.00135). I would like to get a curve based on the SS430 with a TCR in the region of 0.00185. Now I bought the Geekvape SS430. Hopefully this wire fits to the default SS430 profile. Gregor
  2. Hi, I used the ss430 wire from in my non DNA mods. It seems to have not the default TCR (0.00135). I found a TCR of 0.00185 fine for my mods. Now with my first DNA 75 C, it not so easy to adapt this. The curve is not linear so it would like a perfect solution, and not only the TCR adapted via steam engine. Does anyone has a custom material for the Zivipf SS430 which I can use? Regards Gregor