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    Stiff buttons on Rebel DNA75C 21700

    Thank you TimW, Your comment reset my expectations. My fingers are getting stronger as I continue to use this Rebel mod. I call it my F'ingRebel. It continues to be annoying to use but seems extraordinarily safe from inadvertent button presses.
  2. Cas Walker

    Stiff buttons on Rebel DNA75C 21700

    The buttons do feel like that could be so. But looking thru the gaps around the buttons I can see green circuit board directly beneath them. If there was some intermediate material back there I would be seeing it.
  3. Cas Walker

    Stiff buttons on Rebel DNA75C 21700

    Thanks! Ticket submitted and Evolve have offered to take a look at it.
  4. I've been using my Rebel DNA75C 21700 for two months expecting the buttons would eventually loosen up. They have not. All 4 buttons are as difficult to press today as they were when it arrived. I don't see any places where buttons are rubbing on the case openings, there's a bit of gap all around all four. But they all require more than twice as much force as the buttons on my Mirage. I'm wondering if the switches on the DNA board Rebel installed might be different/stiffer than the ones used on the Mirage. Vendor Esauce didn't respond after asking for pictures. I'd appreciate any advice on fixing this issue.
  5. Cas Walker

    Rebel DNA 200 (250c)

    Did you get this sorted out? I had a similar issue on a Mirage that sorted itself out after removing the battery and putting it back. Hope you've already found a fix.