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  1. Have you tried different USB cables? Some won't allow data connection.
  2. hcigar VT75c, FW 1.1 SP27, eScribe on a Mac.

  3. Hi guys (and guyettes ) - I've come across some strange behavior when changing batteries (I'm using an external charger). For the purpose of collecting stats concerning battery life of different brands, I set up a spreadsheet where I note puffs, seconds and mWh just before I put in a fresh battery. Couple of days ago, I noticed that all those figures had changed after putting in a new one - fwiw, changing an iJoy 26650 for another (iJoy). After that one was done, I wrote down the numbers, this time changing it for a VTC6. All figures remained intact, so I thought it had just been a glitch. However, just now I changed back to one of the iJoys and voila, numbers changed again. Again, all of them three. I realize it's not that big of a deal, doesn't change my vape experience (really like the 75c!!!), however it annoys the heck out of me since it makes my little project so much harder (had programmed the spreadsheet so that I just have to put in the numbers and that thing calculates the values for every single battery). I do have more notes & questions regarding the software, but will keep that for later not to clutter this specific issue. Cheers! (using a VT75c, eScribe on a Mac, FW 1.1, SP27)
  4. Just for the record - have changed the battery once more, and this time all stats stayed the same. Go figure...
  5. Jo Kuhl

    Battery Consumption

    According to Mooch's battery tests, the KDEST are 'preposterously overrated' which would explain why your batteries are dying so quickly. To get the best performance, invest in some good quality batteries (like Sony Konions), maybe get a decent external charger, and spend some time reading on the subject. At least get good batteries along with the according profile to load into your DNA via escribe. And - there is no setting in escribe to get better battery life. The profiles only get you a more realistic readout of the battery's status.
  6. Jo Kuhl

    SS in TC mode - my experiences

    Although I'm a bit late to the party... seems like I'm the only guest. Switched to SS not that long ago (about two months), I've only been using 316l so far. Using Claptons (24 AWG (0.68mm x 0.3mm) Central Wire & 32 AWG Outside Wrap), I found them building up quite some heat and taking much longer to cool down. Tried them in my Cheetah II and Medusa Reborn, and especially the Cheetah gets pretty hot - a heat that transfers to the mod quickly. I'm using spaced coils of round wire (25-26G) so I can avoid glowing them looking for hotspots, and actually I enjoy experimenting with # of wraps, tightness of wicking and all that. Found a quite interesting approach to building (especially wicking!!) in the vlog of Morten Oen on YouTube, shedding some new light on airflow and how that actually works (contrary to what's to be found on most other channels). However, got the Zeus RTA today and tried some builds. Due to the way the posts (single coil) are placed, one has to put some rather large coils in there so I ended up with ten wraps of 25G SS316l with an ID of 3.5mm that came out as .77 Ohms. Less wraps would require larger spacing, which resulted in pronounced spit back. This is actually the first time I have that many wraps and such high Ohms - surprisingly (to me) this gives a very satisfying vape at just 35 Watts (no TC this time!). Surprisingly, as the vapor is dense, warm and has lots of flavor, and it's the temperature that's different here. In TC I usually have my temp setting at 250°C give and take, and the vape is rather cold compared to what I have now with the Zeus. Using the SMOK Alien, as my VT75c is used for battery testing right now, I use it in wattage mode (TC is not too reliable), and the nice thing is that this coil heats up quickly (no pronounced pre-heat, called 'normal' strength by SMOK) and doesn't stay hot as longs as a Clapton would. I think about trying some flat ribbon (inspired by Morten Oen). Out of curiosity, why did you choose SS430 as wrapping material? Thanks for sharing your findings!
  7. Thanks for getting back on this! However, wouldn't you consider this a bug? Should I post this in the bug report section? Well, thanks again & have a nice weekend!
  8. Hi everybody, I'm Jo and new to the forum - owner of a VT75c for two weeks now. Had quite some 'fun' with escribe and programmed a minimal theme tuned to my vaping habits, using SS316l exclusively. Bought two iJoy 26650s (which fit perfectly) after using VTC6es and finding them not too long-lasting. Under the impression that the 26650s weren't too similar in that respect, I thought I'd start some comparison tests with different batteries - basically using the mod in wattage mode with the same atomizer and watts all the way. I wrote down the puff count, seconds and mWh when the battery is new and again when the weak battery message shows up (am using an iJoy 26650 profile) and putting those numbers into a spreadsheet. Did just that right now, however after putting in a fully charged new battery I found ALL the numbers have changed, puff count from 6473 (old) to 6356 (new), seconds from 18724 to 18441, mWh from 68304 to 65653. I have made a dedicated Battery Stats screen with these figures accessible from the main screen, and didn't fire the device after taking the numbers and changing the batts. Also, I found earlier that loading an ecig file overwrites these figures with 'old' values - shouldn't they be unaltered? Would be nice if somebody could shed some light here, as I'm afraid this might render my tests useless. Thanks folks!
  9. Jo Kuhl

    hcigar vt75d charging problem

    Same here - 4.18V when fully charged with an external charger. However, display went from 98% to 100% after installing the appropriate .csv profile. Not sure if that was just coincidence, but still worth a try.
  10. Thanks for that link, Denniz! Indeed my 'measurement' seems to be way off now. Probably best to revert to the default setting for now. Happy holidays, all!
  11. No, not a specific copper plug, I used the deck of a Cheetah II and installed the thickest pair of copper wires I could get into the postholes. And sure, every mod is different, however the difference is three times the OP's measurement.
  12. FWIW - 0,003 Ohms seems a bit low for the device resistance to me. Just in case you haven't done so, set the device resistance to ZERO first in Escribe, then measure the coil resistance (your copper plug) from there (analyse atomizer). This reading will be the device resistance, mine came out at 0,011 Ohms.
  13. Jo Kuhl

    HCigar Vt75C

    I'm having my VT75c for a couple of hours now, tinkering with the setup (getting rid of the useless hcigar theme) and during that process I came across the exact same problem - immediate temp protection. In order to see if the atty would work at all on the mod I switched to normal wattage mode - worked as expected to. Switching back to temp mode, the problem was gone. Cannot say what caused this, however haven't seen it again. Mind you, the same atty had worked fine in temp mode just minutes before that. So, I assume that is/was a temporary glitch (fingers crossed).