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  1. Yeah I'm glad too see I'm not the only one having the exact same problem. It's good to hear good return experiences too. Im just excitable. I miss my vtbox200 . I started looking for a backup mod and I was immediately drawn to the new DNA c series, it's true what they say it's nice you get on a forum and blow off steam.
  2. I sent mine in for warranty before I started bitching on this thread. The truth is DNA fixes it then awesome but if not- I'll show you then by being really pissed off and not buying anymore of their products. I want the alien and I'm using now before the DNA mod.
  3. I feel your pain brotha. I complained to both evolv and to VapeCige - still no word from vapecig but Evolv granted me an RMA so I priority mailed the mod to evolv yesterday for repair.... Hopefully - see the RMA came with a list of caveats so long that I'm sure there is plenty of wiggle room to get out of fixing it if they decide they don't want to. So that's it fingers crossed that they ship it back quickly and in working order. You know the funny thing is I've been forced to use my smok alien mod and other than being the third of the size, half the weight, and it has removable batteries I can't tell a bit of difference between the two. I know what would make a big difference though, if they sent me a brand new working mod - if that happens then my faith in DNA has been restored and I'll be a believer and advocate again, because I know that smok would never do that.. customer service is key since I get my DNA mod back and it's not in working order then I will scream from the rooftops that DNA is a bunch of hype and overpriced nonsense. I guess if I was using temperature control would be different but watt for watt I really can't tell a big difference.
  4. I'm despondent. I literally am beside myself. I have been vaping for over 3 years now, and ever since the first time I heard of the product DNA mod, I coveted them, I wanted one bad - for over a year, I wanted one so so bad. Finally, black friday of 2017 came, and I found myself in the position to be able to finally afford not just any DNA, but a DNA 250! I got a great black friday deal on it, even with expedited shipping from DHL, the total cost was right around $100; which is still an extremely expensive mod, but atleast at a price that i could manage, and it's a DNA so it must be worth it, right? I've babied this VTBox250 from Vapecige, it's never once even so much as been dropped. What do I get for my persistent deal hunting, and patience, and over twice the price of a mod that can do essentially the same thing? Heartache, That's what. If you do a search for VTBox250 in these forums, there are only a dozen or so posts, but guess what the topic of nearly every singe one is? You guessed it, Battery Problems. This all started just a couple of days ago when I put my mod on a charger overnight and awoke to find that it hand't even charged half way, and not only that it didn't have the "I'm charging" lightning bolt symbol inside the battery. Sigh. Surely it's the micro usb cord - no problem, I only have about 50 different micro USB cables of various lengths and styles and tried just about all of them, to little avail. Sure I would connect it and it would seem as if it were charging, but as soon as the screen went blank, I could touch any button to relight the screen and clearly see that it wasn't charging at all. I'm really upset at this point, and I start to googling, but all I really come up with are the escribe forums. I hadn't messed with escribe very much - well, for this exact reason, I didn't want to mess anything up. But I followed the suggestions of a few patrons about resetting the defaults and reloading the latest firmware. Yet the problem persists. Using the device monitor, I can see that the 3 cells of the battery arin't quite right, cell 1 and 2 were find, right around 4v and identical, but cell 3 was running closer to 3.5 volts. I reset defaults, renewed firmware, everything anyone suggested to help solve similar problems. I even did a recovery charge, which for whatever reason is logged with escribe, but hey, it wasn't charging anyway, so I tried several times. Now, just a few hours later, cell 3 - which was reading 3.68 or so, now according to the device monitor, is at 0.01 Volts...Cell's one and two are now at 3.99. Wonderful, thank you for draining my device escribe software. So now here I sit broken hearted, my coveted DNA 250 was all just a bunch of hype. I've contacted both Vapecige and Escribe and explained what was happening, and someone had better either have a solution for me or send me a new mod, because this shouldn't be happening to a mod less than 4 months out of the box. Ugh I'm just completely disgusted that after spending a pretty penny that a quality product is not what I end up with. If anyone suggests changing the battery pack, I may just take this currently useless brick and sling it as far into the woods as I can - because this is MOST DEFINITELY a manufacturer defect, considering the only info you find on the model is people with battery problems. I'm just so depressed - attached is a picture of the device monitor as it stands right now, plugged into the computer and should be charging....sigh .....
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