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  1. I was having the same problem with a jac vapor series B DNA75 and stainless steel. I tried Ti wire and it works perfectly. Evolv needs to step up and fix this.
  2. Its been a couple of days with Ti wire and the mod is working perfectly, which points to a materials problem with SS. I have done some more searching including SS in the search and it seems its happened before. This reddit post discusses a solution of replacing the stock materials file.   I am going to try it eventually, but the Ti coil is working well in my Serpent Alto and Im just going to leave it be until I need to replace it. I will post again on the the proposed solution when I try it.
  3. I remembered I had a spool of Titanium from before I started using SS. I thought it would be a good idea to eliminate the material as a possible source of the problem. So I setup a Ti profile and so far its working perfectly. The real test though will be overnight and a few days to see if the problem has really gone away since its intermittent.
  4. The screenshots are from different times, and I made all the profiles the same to rule that out early on. It seems to be intermittent. I had TC working before I went to bed, woke up and it wasnt with no changes to the settings.
  5. Clicking on the atomizer check its fluctuating a little on the third decimal place. Its also reading Kanthal. I know its SS.
  6. Yep, I upgraded it after wiping. It sat for a little bit and now its back doing the same thing as my original post.
  7. Strange, took the battery out, let it sit, and now its working.
  8. Mod - Jac Vapor Series-B DNA75 Coil materials 304 and 316l have been tried, same result. Restting Device to factory has been tried. I have a mod that I dont think is working in TC mode. I cant see the temp in the device monitor. It also has the Power screen and not the TC one. I was using the Linux escribe software newest version, but changed to a Windows 10 computer and reinstalled Escribe to rule it out, then rest the device. I have tried multiple atty's. Pressing the button while in the profile with Temprature dominate the temp changes to OFF. I hope its just stupid user error.
  9. Wow, I just updated my Ubuntu install to Bionic and installed the latest Escribe. It is incredible. I had an older install and after setting up my device I really didnt use it again. But this version has all kinds of new things. Time to play!
  10. Looks like there are more than 5 of us! There was only one windows box in my entire house of 4 computer users, used just for escribe and updating other things. It wont be there long now. Running Mint Mate and thanks to Fractal setup was about 3 minutes. It took me forever to buy a DNA because of the Windows only nature of escribe. I will be getting one for Christmas now
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