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    TC Mod unstable temp

    Be careful during installing the wire to deck.especially if you are using a thin wire like 28 gauge. I am using siren 2 atomizer with 28ga ss316l . When put the wire to deck and screw in, wire is squeizing edge of the screw and that causes weak connection. Just try to locate wire middle of the screw and torque it. Then ohm will became stable.
  2. Oktay

    TC Mod unstable temp

    Only solution I can find is to clean 510 and lock ohm. If it gets crazy again, I will throw this one and buy another mod.
  3. Oktay

    TC Mod unstable temp

    I guess noone will reply. I locked ohm and I got stable vapor. I hope it works always.
  4. Oktay

    TC Mod unstable temp

    Just figured out that my dna mod is not working at tc mod at first installation even tc mode active, I have no idea why. When I hit fire button it shows off and firing with set wattage. ı had to remove battery and put in again to activate tc mode. İs it normal behaivour or doing sth wrong again? Any reply appreciated.
  5. Oktay

    TC Mod unstable temp

    Hi Guys, I am new on vaping and using DNA75 mod. I have tried a lot of wires and wrapping types but I cannot get a good taste. What am I doing; wrapping SS316L wire 7-8 times and installing siren v2 atomizer. When I hit the fire button hcigar vt75 nano mod, I am getting very hot vaping even at 100C and ohm starts with 1 ohm and decreasing to 0.9-0.8 ohm. After a few puff, I am leaving vaping and letting mod to standby. After standby, when I hit the fire button, I am getting nothing at 100C. Than setting temp to 200C and getting a warm puff and after another standby I have to set 270C to get an acceptable vape. So, as you can imagine, after a few stand by mod is getting stable like 0.9 ohm but taste is unpleasent even at 270C. Another problem is, I believe it says 270C but it is not, because I am getting unheated (sorry for english) flaovur in my mouth. Probably I am doing sth wrong, could you help me guys what is wrong with my settings.