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  1. @Fractal Thank you so much for the response! I've become pretty rusty with my unix-y skills and should have remembered locate was a thing. None-the-less, I found the executable file path exactly where you said it would be. I did get the .desktop files too (I don't really need them since I'm just running everything from terminal anyways until I save up for a new PC). I guess a small README about installation paths could be helpful for others in the future. Possibly adding in the udev rules that you mentioned before could be good too. Possibly even making the installer add udev rules as an option to it could simplify things a bit. Once again though, thank you! I'm able to adjust my the settings reflecting my recent usage of VTC5A's, as well as playing around with titanium wire settings since I'm giving that a go for now. It's a tool I'll probably be using for a while since I have a hcigar VTC-D on the way
  2. Hi there, first of all thank you for porting this over to Linux systems! This is something I've been waiting for since I quit cigs at the earlier this year (I know right, somebody gave me a DNA squonk mod to start off with... and I still use it pretty often). I have an issue though and that's getting about the installation. I currently use arch on my laptop and I installed mono and gtk-sharp-2 for the deps. I then downloaded the installation file from here, did a quick "chmod +x" on the file and ran it as root from the terminal. I don't know where this has installed to, or where a possible launcher script has been stored. I looked through /var and /usr/bin but didn't find anything with escribe in it. I've tried this with both the intl and US versions of the installer. It might be that I'm using a window manager instead of a proper desktop environment and a .desktop file isn't being created? I'd love to tweak my drone under a Linux system, so any help would be appreciated
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