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  1. Hi All, Kinda new here. I've lurked around and searched for answers but I am at a loss. I am having a very hard time getting the Lavabox m (DNA 75) to vape properly at any temperature below 520 Fahrenheit. I have tried several batteries, atomizers, coils, and wicks, including factory made coils. I have also tried several different juices (though mostly 70/30). I can usually get a great vape for about 45 minutes with a brand new build placed on the device at room temperature. Once the device is left alone for 45 minutes or so the same temperature becomes completely anemic. For instance a temperature of 385 produces no vapor on a soaking wet coil. This is not an exaggeration (picture the steam from you breath on a slightly cold day). If I crank it to 545 F it vapes perfectly. I am experiencing this on 5 different atomizers, and 4 different materials (niFe48, 430, 316 and ni200 -- all single wire spaced coils). Incidentally, I tried the stock materials and also downloaded TFR Curves from Steam Engine. This is my first DNA device so I have nothing to compare it to but I have noticed some things which I think would have an impact on performance but I'm not sure how to address them. 1. The cold ohm reading on the device and in atomizer analyzer is always .02 - .07 ohms lower than my coilmaster ohm reader. This is never not true. 2. After refinement takes place the ohms go down even lower. Usually around .02 lower but sometimes on prolonged periods of not being used as low as .04. 3. I don't know what a "good" Atomizer Analyzer reading looks like but when I screw in an atty and watch I can effect the reading by as much as .15 ohms from initial reading till screwed all the way down. The lowest reading is when it is screwed all the way down. From there I can't reall effect it. It just slightly fluctuates from .001 - .005 which I think is a side effect of the measurement itself. 4. The room temperature is 7 or 8 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the actual temperature. However there are sometimes that it is correct if I check it again later but this is rarely the case. Some things of note: - I did not run Case Analyzer. Instead I uploaded the stock lavabox m settings file found in the downloads section of this site. - Atomizers tried were the Uwell Crown 3, Serpent SMM, Serpent Mini (2 different ones), Kanger Top Tank, an Aspire tank that I can't remember the name of and a Vandy Vape Icon RDA. - To not complicate matters I do not use a preheat and I do not adjust material curves or TCR values. - Of course I could be wrong about all of this and the answer may be that temperature control vaping is only possible with temperatures over 520 Fahrenheit. That was long. Sorry.