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    Help with TC build!

    Actually I think this coil kind of broke in because I seem to be getting much more dense vapor with the 5 wrap spaced dual coil! Thanks for your help though! Actually can I ask what you like to build? I've only used the above builds but kind of want to try branching out!
  2. Req21

    Help with TC build!

    I had missed typed, its actually currently at 75w... this is a 4sec puff, is that enough?
  3. Req21

    Help with TC build!

    The 5 wrap build would be around 85ish watts, the clouds are about the same which isn't too bad but they feel denser in wattage
  4. Req21

    Help with TC build!

    So I got my first DNA device a Lost Vape Triade DNA250 a few weeks ago and it's super awesome! My only desire is get some more vapor, it's decent but I think it could be better, I think it's because I don't know anything about building for TC. Ive been using my standard builds for wattage mode, dual coil stainless steel 316L Clapton 24/36 3.5 inner diameter 8 wraps ohms around .25, I've also tried same wire dual coil 5 wrap spaced .15 ohm. Any advice on builds for tc for better clouds, maybe single coils? Spaced? Different wire? Ps my settings are set with the specific wire csv with a preheat of base wattage for coil +50% ex. The first build run at 100w with a 150w preheat, @500F Thanks!!!