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  1. i have the sxk billet box clone, thoses are not small screen ? good to know
  2. your's are 128x32, should be 96x16 for the small screen ?
  3. is a good start :°) what about thoses font ? http://www.1001fonts.com/blocky+italic-fonts.html
  4. im looking nice custom theme for DNA 60 small screen for my billet box DNA60w board anyone ? thanks for your help
  5. spzjulien

    DNA 60

    great, amazing ! thanks for that
  6. sorry, im confuse, i need to connect my dna 60w without usb board to escribe too i just need to solder 3 wire from board to usb and add 10k right ? pin 13 USB DM USB data negative pin 14 USB DP USB data positive pin 15 USB Vdetect Connect to USB Vbus though a 10k ohm resistor if not using Evolv's charger board sorry, im rookie and french thanks for you help edit : maybe need ground too ... ?? pin 12 Charger/USB - USB power negative