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  1. I have seen that this setting is only possible to preheat (tc mode), but not in boost( wattage mode). Are you sure about this? Do you have a link to the theme you are using and can you do that?
  2. Is it possible to set maximum power for boost (e.x the 100watts ) via mod with 75c board without the use of escribe? I do not find any appropriate command in theme manager for that.
  3. The wait for the upgrading of the 75c was tedious. If evolve does not have the intention of giving it up immediately, let's say it because it's mockery.
  4. truckman

    Do I buy a Fake Paranormal dna75c?

    And my own paranormal is like yours and many others. I contacted the lost vape and replied that they stopped putting ventilation holes in the side as well as the logo which now put it at the base of the mod. So, do not worry for these and enjoy your paranormal
  5. The boost works very well, but it has no time. I believe that if added ''preheat time limit'' will be perfect.
  6. truckman

    Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75c

    Thanks guys but I could not do anything. The temperature that mod shows me is always higher than normal somewhere at 6-8 Celsius and I do not see it changing with changes to Case Static Temp Rise
  7. truckman

    Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75c

    One question please: the room temperature values in info are live? Does it have to show the actual temperature of the area we are in? I ask because I see that this has a large deviation from the actual ambient temperature.
  8. On my efforts I removed the Kanthal A1 APM from the materials of the device and detached it, it works right now. The strange thing is that 2 hours before I loaded it worked well. In any case, I thank you for the immediate answers.
  9. Hello. Today I bought a paranormal. I connected to the computer and through escribe I made some basic settings and uploaded them to the device. So far all good. A little while ago I wanted to do some more, refuses to upload the escribe, and for anything I try to upload to my paranormal it makes the message "falled to upload settings". Why is this happening? what does not go well?