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  1. In pretty sure everyone here is going to say the evolve chips are absolutely the best. Please forgive me, but.... What exactly is your question? What about the firmware are you at odds with? I'm not sure what about it would cause such foreboding in a computer guy.
  2. Thanks @etab75 Yeah, I figured that out. (helps to read the changelog again). time was still showing in the list until I removed the field. So, now my question is... has anything changed in how punch works compared to previous iterations.
  3. OK, got it. The problem I'm having is after SP8, in watts mode, the boost time field on the device is blank, so it cannot be adjusted. I checked the theme and that's when I noticed the added options. it was fine prior to sp8. what do I need to change?
  4. ok. speaking of the preheat and boost functions. I'm a little confused about the fields. I see Atomizer-preheat/boost-enable, preheat/boost punch, as well as the 2 separated Atomizer-preheat-enable, atomizer-boost-enable. So if the functions are separated, what is the value/use of preheat/boost together?
  5. Dragonlore

    Battery percentage issue

    leaving % out. I've mainly been interested in it's voltage read. the voltmeter I have is accurate within +/- .1%. and the battery reads 4.21, the dna board reads as 4.11. so even at -.1% (approx. 4.19) would mean the device has an accuracy of +/- 2 % (approx. 4.11) that seems like a lot to me. As you said you can set anything manually to be 100% (as well as any point in the curve), but the device still bases that % on the voltage. the curve just says blank %= blank volts. So even though I can tell it 4.06 volts = 20%, it still needs to be able to accurately read the 4.06v within a reasonable tolerance. I guess I had maybe expected too much? just seems like a voltage leak somewhere. Thanks for the help giz_60, I appreciate your efforts to calm my busy mind.
  6. Dragonlore

    Battery percentage issue

    I just seems to me it should still be smart enough to know that 4.2 is 100% on it's own without any other input. I understand it gets it's info from a csv file. but if the csv is set to 4.19 as being 100% then shouldn't it show 100% charge at 4.2? In order for the device to show 100% charge I would have to set the csv to 4.08 to be 100%. That seems weird to me. I still seems to me a high end board should be more accurate out of the box without all the extra fiddling. I'm only talking about 100%/ full charge. The device reads a fully charged 4.21 battery as 4.11 (shown in sys diag). so even taking the % out of the equation it doesn't seem accurate.
  7. Dragonlore

    Battery percentage issue

    It seems to me that 2 things a device would have to be able to do before a discharge curve would even matter is to accurately read voltage. It also seems that a high end board should be able to do so closer than 2%. Even without running the battery analyzer, the device should know that 4.2 is 100%, and that 2.75 is 0% (default in escribe) everything in between should be the estimated %, and where the discharge curve would be beneficial for the specific battery. Different batteries discharge at different rates but 4.2 is 100% for all of them. Just trying to understand.
  8. Dragonlore

    Battery percentage issue

    I disagree. The DNA 75c, is the only thing that has that issue, every other device and even check with a millimeter that is extremely accurate (.1 %) and the batteries are at 4.21-4.23 on all batteries tried. in the mod nothing ever goes above 98%, ever.
  9. Dragonlore

    Battery percentage issue

    I just got the Lost Vape Paranormal. the issue is that the battey never shows 100%. fresh fully charged batteries (vtc 5, 6, lg hg2, sammy 30Q) that show 4.2 on the charger (D4) only register 98% in mod.