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    change wattage increments 250c

    Thanks man, it did in the end. After posting that post I unplugged the mod and started playing with it, found that my changes had worked in the wattage profile, but not the replay one. I simply didn't realise they were set differently in the theme designer. Went back in, found the tab to get me into the profile I wanted, changed it to 0 and 5 there, now works as it should. Thanks for the reply though, good to hear I am not going totally crazy.
  2. Hi all. I have googled and searched here and all the info I have found seems to be out of date or doesn't work. I would like to change my wattage increments to be at least 1 watt, if not 5 or 10. I cannot seem to make this change. Anyone want to walk me thru it? I found the screens tab in theme designer, and clicked on main screen, then the wattage window, and finally the little "c" button in the panel to the right of the screen. That gives me decimal and step size adjustments. I set those to 0 and 5 respectively, but still it goes .5 watts at a time. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  3. Blaize

    Therion 75C batterry draining

    Three screws at the 510. The four screws visible on the sides. Then you need to heat up and pry off the carbon/wood accent panels. They are held on with double sided tape. Underneath each one are two more screws (so 4 total). Then it all just wiggles apart. You do not need to remove the screws in the battery sled unless you want to take it out, but you can get to the board with it in.
  4. Blaize

    Therion 75C batterry draining

    I was just going to chime in to say I have been down this road, and then I find you guys have my photos!! That burned chip photo posted above is my therion75bf (In fact I am sitting at that same table as I type this with its replacement a Thereon 75C BF right next to me). In the case of that one the mod would get noticeably warm all by itself and run the battery flat in 4-5 hours. I bought that one used, and the consensus was that juice must have gotten down into the board and shorted that cap. Evolve at the time told me this is a relatively common problem when they get leaks (and BOTH of my therions are perpetually leaky in the battery sled). In any event, I was told at the time that I could send it in and apparently evolve is pretty good about warranty claims for this sort of thing, but I am in England and the shipping alone made it cheaper to just replace the board myself. So thats what I did.
  5. Blaize

    Therion BF always hot, drains Batt.

    Well, I just changed the board and you were right on the money. Kind of amazing managing to diagnose it over the internet based only on a description. See attached, dead board on top. Exactly like the one you posted a photo of. I replaced it and now its working as it should. So thanks a TON for your help. Your advice regarding taking the Therion apart was also very useful. All in only took 30-40 min start to finish. At this point I am not far off what I would have spent on a new one, but I suppose I do have a spare DNA screen now, and if I am totally honest I rather enjoyed fixing it. Thanks again man.
  6. Blaize

    Therion BF always hot, drains Batt.

    Thanks, that info does actually help a great deal. I figured a problem like a parasitic draw was going to be terminal so I have just ordered a fresh board. I'll grab the torx in the mean time and just wait till the board arrives and swap it out. Thanks again and I'll update here as to what I find in there.
  7. Blaize

    Therion BF always hot, drains Batt.

    Hmmm. I have yet to take it apart as I need to buy the torx for the 510 connection, so I'll have a look inside tomorrow. But that certainly sounds plausible. I assume that these are all surface mount components and there is very little on the board that can actually be repaired right? So win lose or draw, I am going to have to change the whole thing anyway?
  8. Gents, I just bought a 2nd hand Therion BF and I'm pretty sure its stuffed. Just looking for input or other ideas. it works and hits fine, but it is CONSUMING the battery at pretty high rate (like dropping a percent or two PER HIT) and the faceplate is damned warm. Im running a Goon LP on it at .25 ohm, with an LG HG2. eventually it started giving me a "too hot" message and wouldn't fire anymore. This was after 2 hours of normal use, and the battery was then down to 40 percent or so. SO I swapped in a VTC5A and left it alone for an hour, and that battery lost 8 percent just sitting at idle. And its still pretty warm despite not having fired. So, batteries are out of it and I am deciding what to do. FWIW I also have an old normal DNA 75 Therion so I know this hot faceplate is abnormal. I run roughly the same .2-.3 ohm builds in it, with 2 HG2's and just about always have it last all day (and usually only just below half full on battery by the end of the day). Looks like there is something wrong with this new one. Explains the price. (no I cannot return it, bought it thru online classifieds). So has anyone run into this before? sound familiar to anyone? I am debating between ordering a dna75 chip and just changing out the board, or taking apart my old Therion and swapping the boards out (my old one looks pretty rough) I'll give it a few more days of playing with it to see if I had a bad (or fake) battery in there, but everything is pointing to it draining the batt all the time and warming up as a result. edit- Just tested it again, by putting a fully charged LG2 in it and leaving it sitting with no atomiser. an hour later its warm and the batt is down to 93%. Buyer beware I suppose. Looks like I'll have to take the damned thing apart and most likely replace the board. I'll still come out ahead, and its in immaculate physical condition, but that doesn't make it any less annoying. Still, if anyone has run into this in the past I would be all ears as to what to look out for.