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  1. schaub

    connecting to my computer

    swain, if that were the problem how would i go about fixing it?
  2. schaub

    connecting to my computer

    well then what would you guess the problem is
  3. schaub

    connecting to my computer

    if that is the case I'm guessing my battery is dying on me. I've had it for over a year and got some good use out of it.
  4. schaub

    connecting to my computer

    It is a lava box. and yes i even when out and bought a new cable. and yeah the USB port is fine no problems there. and yet it will still not sync with it.
  5. I have my account set up ( I think), however i can not get my vape to connect to my computer. It keeps saying that there is no usb device plugged in, yet it shows that my device is charging. The title warranty service pops up on my device and i can not get it to link to change the any of the settings. looking for help.