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  1. Wooo Wooo I got all my DNA 75Cs uploaded with 'Replay'
  2. I have been surprised that only the Boxer Squonker, the Lost Vape Paranormal & the Think Vape Finder have released a DNA 250C mod. I was fully expecting Hcigar and a few others to release a DNA 250C as well. Evolve does not want to compete with their wholesale customers or do anything that would hurt their wholesale customers sales. I believe releasing the DNA 75C ‘Replay’ upgrade might negatively impact the sales of their wholesale customers. I believe Evolv is waiting for the buying surge of DNA 250C mods to level off before releasing 75C update. If, indeed, there are more 250C coming out in the near future it will be awhile yet for the 75C. Just my 0.02 cents adjusted to $2.00 for inflation.
  3. Watching this thread intently. I have the DNA 250C Paranormal & am loving it. I was not a fan of drippers because I would over drop constantly to avoid dry hits. Or I would dry hit & burn the cotton. Then be done with that dripper until I could get home to rewick. With ‘Replay’ I am totally in love with drippers again. Dry hits are impossible with ‘Replay’. Really looking forward to upgrading my DNA 75C’s for the same experience. Soooooo many good drippers I’ve never played with are now calling me.
  4. sheerluckholmes

    Dna 250c

    I just order mine from steam island in the UK... and I am in the US
  5. sheerluckholmes

    Dna 250c

    Just saw this notice this morning!
  6. sheerluckholmes

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Just watched YouTube video interview of Brandon & Dean the Vaping Biker. Apparently, the DNA 250c boards have been shipped to manufacturers (China?) These Mods will be released in the upcoming week or weeks. The focus will be on the DNA250C for the immediate future......... then the ‘Replay’ 75c escribe update is to be released. I’m guessing 3 weeks or longer before we see anything for the DNA75c Replay availability.
  7. sheerluckholmes

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    After playing with it, let us know what type of tweaking was necessary for it to work! Thanks!
  8. sheerluckholmes

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Chinese New Year ends Wed 2-21-2018 New