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  1. this is great!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't used escribe since i quit windows. good so far on mint sylvia 18.3 and kernel 4.17
  2. ErrrKT19

    Punch for non temp?

    why not just turn the power up? i'm not being critical, just curious.
  3. Pretty basic concept in my head, maybe it can work through the software and firmware flash. I want to be able to have an option in escribe to set everything in escribe and my dna board(s) to lock in only celcius. essentially, disabling Fahrenheit.cheers =) esribe setting:
  4. kind of but not really i've been searching for the same thing because so many features are missing from the version i installed. The only links on dna200 page download software from august that even with the auto update option on, doesn't update automatically (at least mine doesn't) for some odd reason