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  1. Robbybob

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    Two solutions 1: tighten the nut 2: fit a new 510 that has either better tolerance or is done up tight in the first place There's a couple of preventative ingress fixes too. I'll take photos and show you later
  2. Robbybob

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    Check 2 things. 1, the tube isn't split where it connects to the 510 2, tighten up the square 510 nut under the plate. They seem tight but all tighten up at least half a turn
  3. Robbybob

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    At the moment I'm trying out tightening up the square nut on the underside of the 510. It doesn't seem like it will tighten up but using a 510 tightening tool and a 12mm spanner you can get an extra half turn. With some success. The whole 510 is completely reliant on one rubber washer to seal. If the nut is tight and the 510 pin which has the potential for lateral movement moves straight up and down there "should" be no leaks. It's really frustrating
  4. Robbybob

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    Where are you putting the 1mm CS 2mm ID oring? Just over the centre pin from the outside?
  5. Robbybob

    Lost Vape Orion Discontinued?

    I asked Lost Vape that exact question. I forget the exact wording but the short of it is that they are going to make both the Orion DNA Go and Orion Q and have no intention of ceasing production of the Go.
  6. Robbybob

    stainless steel and temperature control

    I think there's more factors than just composition that affect a materials TCR. NiFe30 is available with quite a wide range of TCR's from 0.0030 to 0.0050. We requested some NiFe30 in tempered from a wire manufacturer and were told that while they could produce it they couldn't guarantee the TCR unless it was annealed. So either the way it is annealed can affect the TCR or they can only measure the TCR accurately by annealing the material.Also with a material with a low TCR such as SS the temperature increments are much larger.As far I understand 304 and 340 are a better choice for temperature control if you want to use a stainless steel
  7. Has anyone tested how much the C rating affects how the last bit of charge sags? I'm assuming a higher rated lipo pack will sag less as it nears depletion?
  8. Currently using a Turnigy 65c 2250mAh and on the 4th day of use.Waiting for delivery of the following to size up with enclosures.Turnigy nano-tech 850mAh 3S 45~90CTurnigy nano-tech 1000mah 3S 25~50CTurnigy nano-tech 1300mah 3S 25~50CTurnigy nano-tech 1500mah 3S 25~50C