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  1. Why always have this answer " soft reboot command issued" in Tools-Diagnostics-Reboot Device
  2. eckotek

    Puffs on Hcigar vt75c

    Hello I have a new Hcigar vt75c. When I put the battery off it lost the count of puffs. for examble it shows 560 puffs and after replace battery shows 330 puffs. I m using Mx2_Blue_1.0.1 theme.
    I am trying to calibate my new Hcigar vt75c. I want puffs reset...
  3. eckotek

    Reuleaux DNA 200, dead in less than 48 hours?

    I check it first. Not fire but on pc at puffs fires normally.
  4. eckotek

    Reuleaux DNA 200, dead in less than 48 hours?

    Please HELPToday in the morning stopped working. Place the batteries, turns on but does not work the fire button while the others two buttons work normally When connected to pc works well but just when unplug it does not work fire button so it’s impossible to vape.In pc fire well via escribeMaybe the fuse... Does anyone khow about.