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    Hcigar VT 200
  1. norwegianvaper

    Convert a DNA 40 to DNA 60

    Thank you for that Chunky.You see there is my big issue. I have to find someone who knows how to solder for me. I could try to open it, take some pictures and let you see the internals. I'm not asking you to do the job here. I think I could hire someone here in Norway to help me out.
  2. norwegianvaper

    Convert a DNA 40 to DNA 60

    I am not sure about the buttons, if they don't, where could I buy the right buttons? And I know he went with a cheaper Chinese charger. Is that hard to change to the Evolv one?
  3. norwegianvaper

    Convert a DNA 40 to DNA 60

    I have a DNA 40 mod with dual 18650 in parallell. It is that brick of a mod called PVA 40, which the YouTube reviewer "Peg" from Pegasus vapor Academy said he made "For the people, by the people" It reads lower ohm than any other mod I have and had, and it feels like it performing weak. In watt mod with kanthal it's ok, but in TC it's a mess. Unfortunately it have the small dna 40 screen.What I wonder is if I could swap the old chip with the DNA 60 with small screen? Because the housing off the mod is built like a tank and on my desk it could serve good with proper TC. I like ss 316 single coils the most. Although Nickel and Titan is ok too. The Vapor Shark Flask DNA 40 perform like it should and is a much better vape with NI200
  4. norwegianvaper

    Therion DNA75 not charging via USB?

    Hi. I read about The Therion at GearBest, and under Q's and A's the seller claimed that it was not possible to charge The Therion via USB. "Please use a external charger" it's something among others she wrote.
  5. norwegianvaper

    Escribe setup for VT133

    I have the VT200 with Li Po, same for me? And the mod resistance is?
  6. norwegianvaper

    LG HG2 batteries

    Doe's that 40 % "limit" be right for the Li Po in the VT200 as well?
  7. norwegianvaper

    Hcigar VT200 battery options

    I have no plans to replace the battery. But what is the correct settings for the original VT 200 battery in e scribe, since it`s not 1300 mah as advertised? Mine are currently set at 12,21 Wh. Is that the correct settings?
  8. norwegianvaper

    After SP3 I can not use steam-engine

    Ok, then it`s not a proble. I have already all the wires there . It was just different and I thought it was a bug. Sorry and thank you very much. I would also like to se presets like they have on the newer devices. Have a nice day.
  9. norwegianvaper

    After SP3 I can not use steam-engine

    HiI have a Hcigar vt 200After I installed the SP3 I can`t load spreadsheets from steam-engine. The box who comes uo is just showing ecig profiles. It`s set up to use SCV(excel) I know from the file explorer that there are spread sheets from steam-engine stored there. Otherwise the SS 316 is so much better. So all in all I`m very satisfied.Greetings from Norway
  10. norwegianvaper

    Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

    I just want to thank Evolv from the bottom of my heart for the new service pack. Now SS 316 is like vapeheaven. And the taste...ohh. Great job. Brandon and co.
  11. norwegianvaper


  12. norwegianvaper

    DNA 200 Development Issues?

    HiIt would be very nice if they at least included the pre installed settings like the Triade dna 200 by Lost vape, and The Efusion mods also from Lost Vape. They have settings pre installed like Ti1, NiFe30, different SS like 316L and 304 and more. Of course the Nickel 200 installed to, so you don`t have to hasle with steamengine for each profile.
  13. norwegianvaper

    e-liquid taste with SS316L V.S. Kanthal

    I have tried to update the firmware, but I dont have any pre installed profile like02 the one Mikevapes had on one of his newer dna mods. Could have been the VT 75?
  14. norwegianvaper

    Newbie with TI TC/TCR Questions

    How do I choose if I have the TFV4 Stock coils With Titanium? I dont know the wire gauge or number of wraps. Just the ressistance at .32.