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  1. Exactly. Which is why I'm curious about what I seem to be missing. If it's only taking 40-50W to maintain a temp of 470F...
  2. I have the same issues with flavors in TC. I prefer Ti coils over the SS for TC as they seem to provide a better flavor at temp than the SS does. I've found some juices have a very narrow range of about 5 degrees F before some flavors really shine but push it another 5 degrees and a secondary flavor in the same juice starts tasting burnt (as you mentioned). Sometimes the only way to go is wattage with Kanthal though. However, I'm still a bit flummoxed by the new Crown III coils - I've done the math and unless I'm missing something big (like a logarithmic increase in resistance above a certain temp) it seems to me that running between 80W-90W (as recommended) puts the temp well into the danger range where eJuice starts to breakdown into nasty chemicals. Normally I sent my temps all below 500 but this is the first coil where I've pushed it above that in an attempt to determine the difference between TC and watts and the resulting vape.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong here - but my understanding is the TFR is used by the DNA200 to determine when it's hit the selected temperature by comparing the expected resistance (from the TFR) to the actual resistance being read during the firing. In which case, simply specifying the wire type isn't nearly enough to get an accurate curve...
  4. Gauge makes a difference in the TFR. Actually, it all makes a difference in the TFR - to hit the correct resistance values for a specific temp you need to know the specs on the wrap.
  5. Actually - has anyone broken down a Crown II coil yet? If so, what are the specs? Does anyone know the correct values to load into Steam Engine? # of wraps, spacing, gauge, etc?
  6. I'm a bit curious as to why there seems to be a discrepancy between TC and Watts on the Crown III 0.25Ohm Parallel SS316 Coil. According to UWell the coil is recommended at 80W-90W in non-TC mode. My TC is set to cap at 600F. I'm currently using the coil in TC mode w/ an 80W punch @ 2sec set to 535F and while it jumps to 80W pre-heat when firing that immediately falls off to 40W (give or take a couple watts as it pulses) to maintain the 535F temp setting. The materials curve is for straight SS316 (not 316L). If this is correct - then what temp would this thing be running at if I switched it over to Wattage mode and set it to 80W continuous? Also, why the huge discrepancy?
  7. Why is there a difference in the displayed temperature of the coil between the large displayed temp (the actual temp I've got it set to) that, once fire is pressed, starts at 0F and goes up to 430F and the 'Last Temperature' (the smaller one on the lower left) reading?
  8. I'm specifically looking for the UWell Crown coil CSV's but I'm sure others would be happy to see any other CSV's that people may have received. Does anyone have the "official" curve info from Atom Vapes on their titanium and nickle clapton coils? Thanks in advance!
  9. Happy to report that after going through both the one-step and all-at-once the DNA200 is performing flawlessly. So, it was either two bad boards in a row or one bad board that was just restored and sent back. Either way the guys at Evolv were great. While it would've been nice to have known what the issue was, it's not a requirement and I'm still a happy user.
  10. It's a Ti Clapton. Best flavor of any material so far. Works great with right curve. Current plan is to bring it up on a basic kanthal and run it for a bit before loading up my Ni200, SS, and Ti's for TC. Debating on whether or not to just blast a full config at it, including screens first go around and basically say 'screw it' and fire up, or take it one step at a time until something either causes it to behave as before or I end up with a good ecig and functional DNA at same time...
  11. I did switch it to a default Ti profile and gave it about 3 or 4 quick presses. The screen stayed on but that's enough to confirm what I needed before creating a new ecig. I want to test it connected to the PC as well. Plus, I don't know what curve is in there for Ti and would rather not fry a good coil
  12. I got it back yesterday but am waiting until Monday morning to fire it after I recreate an ecig
  13. That's insanely precise. Begs the question: just how accurate is it at that precision?
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